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Three victims of gangland shooting identified as Ahmad Al-Azzam, Kaashif Richards and Achiraya Jantharat

About 20 investigators under the newly formed Strike Force Aplina are working to find the perpetrators.



Detectives have identified three young victims in a suspected gangland shooting, and they are now working on the assumption that only one of them was the intended target.

The victims include Ahmad Al-Azzam, 25, who was shot multiple times, including in the head, while sitting in his silver Toyota on Mayvic Street in Greenacre, south-west Sydney, at 2:15 am on Sunday.

Ahmad Al-Azzam is currently fighting for his life. Kaashif Richards, 22, and Achiraya Jantharat, 19, who were in a separate car approximately 50 meters away, were also hit in the incident and were rushed to the hospital for treatment.

Mr. Richards sustained a critical injury after being struck in the neck and is currently in critical condition. On the other hand, Ms. Jantharat was shot in the back but is in stable condition.

The investigators have a suspicion that Mr. Al-Azzam was the intended target of the hitman due to the high number of bullets directed at his car.

However, the motive behind the shooting remains a mystery as none of the three victims had any criminal records or known links to organized crime gangs.

According to Stuart Smith, Assistant Commissioner of NSW Police State Crime Command, another shot was fired through a second vehicle, piercing through the male driver and hitting the female victim. He emphasized that this is the information they currently have and refrained from speculating on other details.

The police are devoting all their resources and efforts to the case, just as they always do. The quick response and CPR performed by the police officers who arrived at the scene are credited with saving the lives of the victims.

Shortly after the audacious shooting at the industrial estate, a BMW suspected to be the getaway car was found ablaze in Regents Park, just two suburbs away. The vehicle was completely destroyed by the fire, leaving its paint stripped and the frame charred.

Approximately 20 investigators, part of the recently established Strike Force Aplina, are actively working to apprehend the culprits. However, Opposition police spokesman Paul Toole criticized Police Minister Yasmin Catley for not providing sufficient information to the public about the ongoing gang war that is affecting the streets of Sydney.