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3 people killed including suspect in Auckland mass shooting, multiple others injured

The site where the incident took place is owned by Precinct Properties, according to a spokesperson.



According to Acting Superintendent Sunny Patel, Relieving Auckland District Commander, authorities have successfully managed a severe incident that occurred at a construction site in Auckland’s CBD this morning.

Multiple injuries have been reported, and tragically, two individuals have lost their lives.

The male perpetrator responsible for the incident is also deceased.

The situation arose following reports of a person firing a firearm within the site on lower Queen Street at approximately 7.22 am.

A substantial contingent of police personnel promptly responded to the scene and established a cordon around the area.

Additionally, the Police Eagle helicopter was deployed to oversee the situation.

The perpetrator, while still discharging his firearm, maneuvered through the building site. As he reached the higher floors of the building, he confined himself within the elevator shaft. Our officers made efforts to communicate with him, but regrettably, he was found deceased shortly thereafter, as stated by Patel.

The unfolding events are undeniably alarming, and we understand the concerns of the public.

We want to reassure everyone that the situation has been brought under control, and it is an isolated incident.

The authorities have confirmed that there is no risk to national security.

However, as a precautionary measure, cordons are still in effect, and we kindly request the public to avoid the area while we continue our operations.

Construction workers are currently positioned on the building’s roof, where the alleged gunman discharged his firearm.

This is a developing story that will be updated when more information is available.