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Tewkesbury School on lockdown after student stabbed a teacher

In connection with the incident, a teenage boy has been arrested.



Following an incident at Tewkesbury School, an adult has been transported to the hospital with a suspected stab wound.

Police received a report around 9:10 a.m. today (Monday, July 10th) stating that a student had stabbed a teacher.

Sources told FOX3 that Jamie Sansom, a Mathematics teacher at Tewkesbury School stabbed by a student.

In connection with the incident, a teenage boy has been arrested.

Teachers from Tirlebrook Primary School took to Facebook to inform parents that their school had also implemented a lockdown as advised by the police.

They urged parents not to visit the school and provided an explanation stating that an incident had occurred at Tewkesbury Academy, leading to the lockdown.

The message assured families that the children at Tirlebrook and Little Oaks were safe and receiving full support from both the school and the police.

It emphasized the importance of not visiting the school during this time, as it could jeopardize the ongoing police operation and the safety of the children.

The staff members committed to supporting the children and maintaining close communication with the police, requesting that parents refrain from contacting the school office during this situation.

Parents or guardians of students attending the school are advised to proceed to Dobbies Garden Centre on Diamond Road, where the police will be available to provide assistance.

This is a developing story that will be updated when more information is available.