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What are the top reasons behind Netflix’s success?



Netflix and chill’ is what comes to mind when people think of unwinding and streaming movies and TV shows. Despite competition from worthy rivals like Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video, and HBO Max, it remains the most popular and top choice for streaming content. 

It is hard not to know Netflix, especially if you are tech-savvy and stay glued to your smartphone. However, on the off chance you have yet to hear of this streaming giant, Netflix is an American streaming company offering memberships to let subscribers watch an extensive collection of TV series, movies, and originals across genres. 

A lot has been happening with this subscription-based streaming platform. For instance, Netflix rolled out a cheaper streaming plan that includes ads. The ad-supported plan was supposed to arrive sometime in 2023, but the Basic With Ads plan went live in 2022. Also, a password crackdown has started in the US, ending the password-sharing era. You will be asked to pay extra if you share your Netflix credentials with anyone not living at the same address. 

However, despite the ads and password-sharing crackdown, Netflix boasts 232.5 million subscribers in the first quarter of 2023. And the number is increasing exponentially! 

So, you might wonder about the secret behind Netflix’s enduring success. Here’s a sneak peek into the probable reasons. 

  • Affordable memberships 

Before Netflix started its streaming service in 2007, it used to provide DVDs through snail mail. They were the first to offer such a service in 1997. And the one key thing they did back then was buy the back catalogs of the production houses, and this was a very smart investment that fetched them high returns. They also approached media companies and expressed their desire to buy TV shows and movie licenses. 

Thus, when they started their streaming service, they already had the rights to many movies and TV shows. This allowed them to offer affordable memberships to subscribers. 

In an attempt to keep the price of their streaming packages reasonable, they introduced ad-based plans in 2022. Subscribers opting for this plan choose to watch ads while paying less than half for membership. Hence, with each passing year, Netflix is becoming more attractive to millions of people. 

  • Offline viewing 

Netflix allows subscribers to legally download their favorite TV shows and movies and watch them offline. This is a huge plus because a stable Internet connection is not always available to stream content online. 

If you have the Netflix app installed on your device and you are a paying member, you can download your favorite content on the fly. Once you have finished watching the downloaded content, you can remove them to make space for more. 

Unfortunately, there’s no Netflix application for Mac, and hence, Mac users may wonder how to download Netflix movies on laptop Mac. You can download content on a device that supports the Netflix app and then stream content via AirPlay to watch offline. 

Except for the minor Mac hiccup, the offline viewing feature of this streaming giant is a huge hit among subscribers. 

  • Original content 

Thanks to the revenue gained from millions of subscribers, the streaming platform started developing its own content. They produced their first TV series in 2013, House of Cards, and released all the episodes at once. This strategy attracted subscribers because they could watch all the episodes instead of waiting a week for new episodes. 

The success of House of Cards led Netflix to produce many more original series like The Umbrella Academy, Narcos, The Crown, Squid Game, Black Mirror, The Witcher, You, and Stranger Things. 

Besides producing original content, the streaming giant also invested in smart software. The software gathers data that Netflix can use to create new seasons for popular old TV series. For instance, they know many subscribers are watching Arrested Development and Gilmore Girls. Hence, they created new seasons for the classic shows. 

  • Ad-free content 

Netflix offers subscribers ad-free content unless they opt for their ad-based plan. The platform understands it can be irritating to watch a movie or TV show with annoying ads popping up in between. Hence, they offer ad-free content to enhance user experience. 

But if ads don’t bother you, you can subscribe to their cheaper membership plan that shows ads. 

  • Personalized recommendations for enhancing the viewing experience 

Netflix monitors the watching habits of its subscribers. It uses machine learning to help its algorithms learn about their subscribers. This enables the platform to offer personalized recommendations to subscribers according to their browsing and watching habits. This saves subscribers time and effort, which they would have otherwise wasted in finding related content. 

Thus, Netflix’s recommendation engine is essential to the platform’s success. 


Now you know why Netflix is successful. Hopefully, the platform’s popularity doesn’t baffle you anymore. 

So, follow the trend to Netflix and chill whenever you need to relax or fulfill your binge-watching urges.