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Robert Flores dies following tornado in Laguna Heights, Texas

Multiple people dead and several injured following tornado in Laguna Heights, Texas



Pulga Brownsville requests prayers for the Flores family, who were affected by the tornado that hit Laguna Heights, Texas.

They express condolences to the family and mourn the loss of Robert Flores.

Robert Flores was known for his strong work ethic and his kind personality. He was employed in South Padre Island and was committed to making a living and securing his future.

However, his passing was sudden and unexpected.

To pay their respects and enable family and friends to gather and cover the expenses, the writer of the message is requesting donations. They conclude by blessing everyone.

Early this morning, there were two confirmed fatalities when a possible tornado hit the area. Port Isabel Police Chief, Robert Lopez, confirmed the deaths to FOX3.

The Laguna Heights Emergency Management reported several injuries and damage to properties. Based on radar estimates, this suspected tornado occurred around 4:01 AM on Saturday.

Tom Hushen, the Emergency Manager of Cameron County, has stated that they are conducting a thorough search for victims in the vicinity of Highway 100 (East Ocean Boulevard) and Van Buren by going from building to building. Hushen informed FOX3 this morning that the overnight storm had resulted in numerous injuries.

Meanwhile, Catherine Valdez had gone to Laguna Heights to pick up her brother, whose house had been destroyed by the tornado. Valdez described the scene as resembling a war zone and recounted how her brother had been hit in the face by a blown-in window, leaving him and his dog shaken.

Valdez expressed disbelief at the incident and mentioned that her brother had lost everything but was grateful to be alive.

At 8:05 AM on Saturday, May 13, 2023, FOX3 crew captured distressing pictures in Laguna Heights.

According to the Cameron County Emergency Management Coordinator, the area has been affected by tornado damage.

The closure of Highway 100 between Laguna Vista and Port Isabel is in effect, as cleanup efforts are underway.

According to the US National Weather Service in Brownsville/Rio Grande Valley, Texas, there were reports of injuries and damage in the Laguna Heights area around 4 AM this morning.

A survey team has been dispatched to the location to assess the extent of the damage and determine whether a tornado had caused it.

Further updates will be provided later today.