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Nick Stabile identified as Allen Premium Outlets shooting victim

Eight people were killed when a gunman opened fire at the Allen Premium Outlets mall in Texas.



FOX3 has learned that one of the victims of the shooting at the Allen, Texas mall was Nick Stabile, a 45-year-old man. According to his family, he was a blessing to those in his community.

Nick had been living in Denton before moving to Allen for a catering job only six months ago. His friends and colleagues described him as a delightful person to be around.

On Saturday, May 6, a mass shooting occurred at the Allen Premium Outlets mall in Allen, Texas, resulting in the deaths of at least eight individuals.

Numerous others sustained injuries and are presently receiving medical attention at hospitals. The police reported that the suspected shooter, who was identified as Mauricio Garcia, was shot and killed by an officer at the mall.

Although law enforcement has not officially released the names of the eight individuals who lost their lives in the shooting, President Joe Biden issued a statement on Sunday disclosing that children were among the victims.

However, the families of the victims and school officials have begun identifying their loved ones who were tragically killed.