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Texas Outlet mall shooter Mauricio Garcia posted hate-filled messages before the attack

Eight people were killed when a gunman opened fire at the Allen Premium Outlets mall in Allen, Texas.



Before the attack at the Texas mall, the shooter posted messages filled with hate.

One of the posts read, “The most crucial aspect of a school shooting is to know the race of the person who did it, the kill count.”

Another post featured a swastika and read, “Here’s what I think about your diversity.”

Texas mall shooter posted screenshot to social media showing peak crowd times, along with pictures of the Allen Premium Outlet Mall.

Full post:

Mod: Deranged former Yakuza member and chink Cel ✩✩✩✩**

RIP to all victims and my condolences :foidSoy:

REAL MEN don’t murder innocent victims :chad:

Just because the shooter is trans, doesn’t mean trans lives don’t matter :soy:

NO NO NO. Fuck all of this noise, its all so empty, fake, and boring. Every school shooting, to me, is the perfect time to be a completely horrible person and see this event like a sport or a comedy. The most important thing about a school shooting is to know the race of the person who did it, the kill count, and then compare their accomplishment of murder to all those who came before. And also learn intricately the life of the killer, so memes can be made. Because let’s face it, killing people in an interesting way is an art that earns a lot of respect, just inherently. The tenuousness of life forces it to be this way, and to play into the moral banality of it as normies do is kinda gay to me. It’s funny how pomp and circumstance to murder reaction has become this “forced solemn church” moment we all our forced to affect around in public in order to feel normal, when the reality is, I JUST KNOW a lot of people are just like me and want to revel in the Schadenfraude. The media fucking proves it. They will never miss an opportunity to cover the event and cater the coverage exactly for sick fucks like me. Because the heart of the matter is: we all know it’s just a fucking spectacle at this point, and the spectacle and the killer are far more interesting the the boring fucks who were killed. There is always humor in darkness.

So the Nashville shooting was particularly interesting because a bitch broke the ER barrier (with a decent kill score) for the first time. This is like the greatest accomplishment of feminism ever, for a fold, even though a tranny, but still a vagina haver, to feel so empowered that they could take it upon themselves to pick themselves by the bootstraps, get their gear in order, and successfully go ER is a moment Valerie Solanas would be proud of. Only feminism could have taken biological women to the logical extreme of embodying the highest pinnacles of toxic masculinity