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42-year-old George Edward Huff shot and killed Alexandra Abbott Huff and George Michael Petrullo and then turned the gun on himself

The police did not release information on the relationship between the three.



On Monday, the Anne Arundel County Police department confirmed the identity of the individual responsible for a shooting that occurred on Friday in Annapolis.

The targeted attack took place just after 2 p.m. at the Annapolis Town Center, where George Edward Huff, a 42-year-old resident of Riva, shot and killed Alexandra Abbott Huff, a 34-year-old Riva resident, and George Michael Petrullo, a 38-year-old resident of Annapolis, before turning the gun on himself in a parking lot near a Holiday Inn Express & Suites located in the Parole neighborhood, according to the police.

No information regarding the connection between the three individuals involved in the shooting was released by the police.

According to a witness who was seated in a window booth at Mission BBQ, located in the bustling commercial district just off Riva Road, a man entered the restaurant and announced that a shooting had occurred outside.

Ira Winkler, a resident of Davidsonville, reported that he saw a man, believed to be George Huff, who appeared to be middle-aged, firing at a white Acura as it sped away from the parking lot.

Huff then walked around the parking lot for a brief period before taking his own life with the gun, as per Winkler’s account.

Upon their arrival, the police discovered Alexandra Huff and George Huff, both of whom were pronounced deceased at the site.

The bodies were covered with white sheets and were situated in a grassy area dividing the restaurant and hotel parking lots. In contrast, Petrullo managed to drive a short distance away in his vehicle and came to a halt at the Alltackle fishing supply store located on Somerville Road.

Petrullo sought assistance inside the store, informing them of his injuries. Keith Fraser, the proprietor of Alltackle, reported that Petrullo had sustained multiple gunshot wounds and was struggling to breathe. According to Fraser, a customer carried Petrullo outside and placed him on the ground to await emergency medical services.

According to the police, firefighters brought Petrullo to a nearby medical facility where he passed away later on.

The case is currently under investigation by homicide detectives, and the police urge anyone with information to contact them at 410-222-4731 or the TipLine at 410-222-4700.