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Talk show host Jerry Springer has died

He died at his home in the Chicago area.



Jerry Springer, legendary talk show host and former mayor of Cincinnati, has died. He was 79.

TMZ has confirmed the passing of Jerry Springer, who was known for his influential and controversial contributions to TV history.

For 27 years, he hosted “The Jerry Springer Show,” a wildly popular syndicated talk show that featured outrageous guests engaging in crazy fights while the audience chanted his name.

Sadly, Jerry had been battling a brief illness, which our sources reveal to be pancreatic cancer that was diagnosed a few months ago.

He passed away this week after his condition took a turn for the worse.

According to a spokesperson, he passed away peacefully at his home in the Chicago area on Thursday morning. Prior to his successful career in TV, he was involved in politics, running an unsuccessful campaign for U.S. Congress in 1970 before being elected to Cincinnati’s City Council in 1971.

In 1977, he went on to become the city’s mayor, serving one term. Although he originally focused on political issues when his TV show debuted in 1991, it eventually evolved into something entirely different, becoming a ratings sensation. Despite this shift, his earlier political pursuits may not be remembered by many.

During the late ’90s, Jerry’s show became so widely popular that it even outperformed Oprah Winfrey’s show in various cities. Eventually, “Springer” came to an end in 2018, but Jerry continued his work in TV with “Judge Jerry,” a courtroom show that ran for three seasons.

His most recent TV appearance was on “The Masked Singer” in the previous season, where he performed as “The Beetle” and sang a Frank Sinatra classic.

Unfortunately, his cancer condition worsened significantly about a month ago, and he was forced to stop working.

Until then, he had been hosting a folk music program on a local radio station in Cincinnati.

He leaves behind his daughter Katie Springer and his older sister Evelyn.