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Jack Teixeira, Pentagon leak suspect utilized his military clearance to conduct disturbing searches related to school shootings

Handguns, a gas mask, and bolt-action rifles were found inside.



On Thursday, 21-year-old Jack Teixeira was presented before a Boston court by his legal team, who sought to secure his release from custody until his trial.

Teixeira appeared in an orange prison jumpsuit and exchanged a smile with his father while entering the courtroom in Worcester.

Following statements from both the prosecution and defense, Judge David Hennessy refrained from making an official decision regarding Teixeira’s pretrial detention, stating that he would consider the matter.

State prosecutor Nadine Pellegrini reinforced their accusations against the alleged leaker, emphasizing that the 21-year-old is at risk of absconding and may attempt to evade authorities if granted bail.

Pellegrini highlighted Teixeira’s previous conduct, stating that it could potentially indicate his inclination to obstruct the ongoing investigation or flee the jurisdiction.

“What has happened before may serve as a precursor to what is to come, and in this situation, it is highly likely that the defendant will either flee or take further steps to impede the investigation,” Pellegrini commented.

Prosecutors stated that Teixeira conducted searches related to the Russia-Ukraine war, as well as the mass shootings in Las Vegas and Uvalde, using his military clearance.

According to Pellegrini, Teixeira relished being in control of information and became a source of access to restricted data. “He became a hub for individuals seeking access to information that they shouldn’t have,” Pellegrini remarked. Conversely, Teixeira’s lawyer Brendan Kelley assured the judge that there would be no further distribution of classified documents online if his client was released from custody.

During the court proceedings, Jack Teixeira’s father addressed Judge Hennessy, expressing his willingness to report his son to the court if he violates any of the imposed rules upon release.

The senior Teixeira stated that he would take measures such as disconnecting the television and internet in his home, if required. It remains unclear whether Judge Hennessy will deliver the verdict in writing or at a later hearing.

According to court documents obtained by FOX3, a former high school classmate of Teixeira allegedly overheard him discussing weapons.

Teixeira, a former member of the Air National Guard, kept a gun locker containing handguns, bolt-action rifles, and a gas mask just a few feet away from his bed in the North Dighton, Massachusetts home he shared with his mother and stepfather.

The room was adorned with camouflaged wallpaper, and paper shooting targets with bullet holes were discovered throughout the space.

According to Bellingcat journalist Eliot Higgins, one of the pendants on Teixeira’s notice boards was from the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

During the search of his property, FBI agents discovered ammunition pouches on his dresser and a military-style helmet in a nearby dumpster. Additionally, Teixeira is reported to have made disturbing comments on social media about mass shootings.

In November 2022, he allegedly said that he would “kill a ton of people” because it would “cull the weak.”

According to court documents, Teixeira allegedly expressed his desire to transform a minivan into a lethal vehicle to a social media user in February.

Additionally, he is accused of seeking advice from others on what weapons to use and referring to SUVs as mobile gun trucks.

The same documents also claimed that Teixeira used his government-issued computer to search for terms like “Uvalde,” “Ruby Ridge,” “Las Vegas shooting,” and “Mandalay Bay shooting.”

Teixeira was apprehended by the FBI on April 13th at his parents’ residence, after investigators discovered that he had attempted to destroy a laptop, tablet, and Xbox gaming console.