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Jacksonville police officer critically wounded in shooting outside Baptist Medical Center South, shooter dead

The shooter later collided with a police car, crashed into another police car head-on, and finally struck a pole.



According to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, an officer was shot outside Baptist Medical Center South on Tuesday night and is currently in critical condition at the hospital.

The shooter has died. The incident started when a vehicle was spotted driving suspiciously through the hospital parking lot on Tuesday night by an off-duty officer, as reported by Sheriff T.K. Waters during a media briefing.

The officer tried to stop the car, but the driver fled, according to Waters.

After the incident, additional officers stationed near the hospital were alerted and joined the search for the vehicle.

One of these officers attempted to stop the car, and the driver responded by partially lowering the window, brandishing what appeared to be a gun and uttering the words, “Shoot me,” as per Sheriff T.K. Waters.

As stated by Sheriff T.K. Waters, the suspect proceeded to shoot one round at a police car but the officer inside refrained from returning fire. Subsequently, other officers intervened and tried to employ a PIT maneuver on the vehicle, which was unsuccessful.

The shooter later collided with a police car, crashed into another police car head-on, and finally struck a pole.

According to Sheriff T.K. Waters, law enforcement officials repeatedly issued loud verbal commands to the suspect in an attempt to get him to exit the vehicle, but he refused to comply.

When an officer approached the car and attempted to open one of the doors, the man fired a shot through the window, striking the officer in the face and chest area. In response, five officers opened fire on the suspect, ultimately killing him.

Sheriff T.K. Waters mentioned that prior to this event, the shooter had only been issued a speeding citation.

He emphasized that this incident highlights the nature of police work and how officers are not disposable. “Police officers are human beings carrying out their duty of ensuring public safety,” he stated. “While we don’t anticipate being shot or losing our lives on duty, we are committed to carrying on with our work to safeguard the community and safeguard our fellow officers.”

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office has been involved in five shootings with officers this year, and three of those incidents have resulted in officers being shot.