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Keenan Cooper, the Sweet 16 DJ, said there was a rumor that somebody had a gun before shooting at Mahogany Masterpiece in Dadeville

There has been no information released regarding a potential motive behind the tragic incident.



According to the DJ at an Alabama Sweet 16 party, there were rumors among the attendees that someone had brought a gun before the tragic incident that occurred on Saturday night, resulting in four deaths and 28 injuries from gunshots.

According to DJ Keenan Cooper, who spoke to FOX3, party-goers had mentioned that someone had a gun, which caused the party to briefly halt as the individual was asked to leave.

However, no one left and the party resumed. About an hour later, at approximately 10:30 p.m., the shooter started firing shots inside the Dadeville dance studio located in downtown, leading to the tragic incident.

A birthday celebration that had approximately 40 to 50 attendees rapidly turned into a nightmarish situation filled with chaos and fear as individuals present at the party began to run for their lives.

Keenan Cooper, the DJ, revealed that he assisted teenagers in finding shelter under the table where he was playing his set. He mentioned to the local station that he tried his best to assist those around him, resulting in a large number of people taking refuge under the table and beside him.

Once everyone had fled, he ensured that everyone was safe before emerging from hiding, just as the police arrived.

The identities of two of the four deceased individuals have been revealed as Phil Dowdell, the older brother of the birthday celebrant, and KeKe Nicole Smith, a senior athlete at Dadeville High School.

Dowdell, who was described as “the No. 1 athlete in the school” by Dadeville High’s assistant coach for football, basketball, and track, Michael Taylor, had recently committed to playing as a wide receiver at Jacksonville State University. Dowdell’s mother was among the more than 24 people who sustained injuries during the chaotic incident, and she was shot twice.

Law enforcement officials have not disclosed any details about the perpetrator responsible for the mass shooting, except for confirming that the individual is no longer a danger to the public. Additionally, there has been no information released regarding a potential motive behind the tragic incident.