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20-year-old Kaylin Gillis shot and killed by an upstate New York homeowner after driven to wrong address

Kevin Monahan, who is 65 years old, was arrested and charged with second-degree murder.



According to authorities, a homeowner in upstate New York shot and killed a young woman who was 20 years old on Saturday night.

The incident occurred after the driver of the car she was in mistakenly turned into the wrong driveway.

The car, which carried Kaylin Gillis and three other friends, was looking for a friend’s house in Hebron when the driver made the error.

During a Monday press conference, Sheriff Jeffrey Murphy stated that Kevin Monahan, the homeowner whose driveway the group accidentally entered, fired two shots from his patio at the vehicle as the driver was leaving.

Sadly, one of the bullets hit Kaylin Gillis, resulting in her death.

Monahan, who is 65 years old, was arrested and charged with second-degree murder.

Sheriff Jeffrey Murphy commented that the incident is a tragic one where young adults were searching for their friend’s house but accidentally ended up at the residence of Kevin Monahan, who chose to use a firearm and fire it.

The gunshots occurred at around 10 p.m., causing Gillis and her friends to drive away to a neighboring town to call for assistance due to the unreliable cellphone service in the area. Unfortunately, Gillis was already deceased when the first responders arrived at the car.

According to Murphy, there was no interaction between Kevin Monahan, the homeowner, and the group of friends in the car. Murphy also clarified that the group never got out of the car.

Although it’s unclear how long the car was in the driveway, Murphy mentioned that it was a brief period.

The area where the incident occurred is rural, with numerous dirt roads making it easy to lose one’s way. Murphy emphasized that there was no danger coming from the individuals in the car, and there was no reason for Monahan to feel threatened.

Upon arrival at Monahan’s residence, deputies reported that he was uncooperative and refused to exit his home for more than an hour, resulting in a tense situation before he was eventually apprehended.

Monahan is currently being held in Warren County and is scheduled to appear in court in Washington County at a later date.

The Times Union reported that Gillis’ father is a correction officer at the Washington County jail, according to public records.

Additionally, an insider informed the newspaper that mental illness or alcohol use are not suspected to be contributing factors in the shooting, as per the investigators’ assessment.

Sheriff Jeffrey Murphy mentioned that he personally knew the family of the victim and expressed that he can confirm that they are a good and respectable family.

He added that the loss of such a young girl is tragic and untimely.

This incident in New York occurred just two days after another shooting incident in which a 16-year-old boy named Ralph Yarl was shot and injured after ringing the doorbell of a Kansas City, Missouri home on Thursday.