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Siah Collins killed in mass shooting at Mahogany Masterpiece in Dadeville

Four people have been killed and multiple people injured during a shooting Saturday night in Dadeville, the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency said.



As Sunday dawned in Alabama, police continued their investigation into the mass shooting that occurred on Saturday night in downtown Dadeville.

  • The shooting happened around 10:30 p.m. on Saturday in Dadeville, Alabama 
  • The majority of the victims are thought to be teens, according to local reports
  • Four people are dead and as many as 28 reportedly injured
  • Confirmed it was tied to a Birthday Celebration
  • Asked for Prayers for community and police department
  • Counseling for students at schools tomorrow
  • A photo circulating online appears to show six people lying on the venue’s floor
  • No word on the shooter

The crime scene, located at the old Bank of Dadeville on 220 N. Broadnax St., which had been converted into the Mahogany Masterpiece dance studio two years ago, was carefully combed for evidence throughout the night by investigators.

On Saturday night, a group of teenagers had gathered at the studio to celebrate a birthday when gunfire broke out shortly after 10:30 p.m.

Raymond C. Porter, the Superintendent Tallapoosa County Board of Education issued the following statement:

My heart is heavy this morning for the families and friends who are suffering and grieving this morning after the senseless tragedy our community experienced last night. Please join me in lifting up the victims, their loved ones, and the Dadeville community in prayer.

Counseling services will be available at Dadeville High School and all Tallapoosa County Schools. We appreciate the prayers of our local clergy and their churches and will be calling on you in the days ahead.

All of our resources will be available to Dadeville High School’s administrators, teachers, and student body as we help them navigate this tragic event and the road to recovery.

Following the incident, law enforcement remained tight-lipped about the shooting, the victims, or any potential suspects for over eight hours. The incident quickly gained attention on social media, with a disturbing image showing six people collapsed inside the venue being circulated. Some users pleaded for the image to be taken down.

Meanwhile, some other social media users recorded videos at a nearby hospital where families were anxiously waiting for updates on their injured loved ones.

Phil Dowdell, KeKe Smith and Siah Collins have now been identified as 3 of the 4 confirmed deceased as a result of the shooting that has left as many as 15 additional victims injured.

Siah Collins

One of the victims of the shooting was Phil Dowdell, a high school senior who was set to graduate in just a few weeks and had secured a football scholarship to Jacksonville State.

Dowdell had been celebrating his sister Alexis’ sweet 16 birthday party on Saturday night when the tragic incident occurred, resulting in his untimely death.

Annette Allen, Dowdell’s grandmother, described him as an incredibly humble and kind-hearted individual who never caused any trouble and always had a beaming smile on his face. She referred to his smile as a “million-dollar smile.”

During the party, several teenagers, as well as Dowdell’s mother, were also shot, with the latter sustaining two gunshot wounds.

Another victim killed in the Dadeville mass shooting has been identified as Ke Nicole.

According to Allen, many parents are currently unaware of the whereabouts of their children and are frantically visiting different hospitals in search of them. She also noted that the shooting incident occurred during Alexis’ birthday celebration, stating “they were here celebrating it.” Allen appealed for prayers for the county and its neighboring areas.

At approximately 8:30 a.m., the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency issued a statement confirming that at least four individuals had lost their lives in the mass shooting that occurred in Dadeville.

The statement indicated that the incident took place around 10:45 p.m. on Saturday and acknowledged that multiple individuals had sustained injuries. However, no further information regarding the exact number of individuals affected by the shooting was disclosed.

At the request of the Dadeville police chief, ALEA confirmed that it will initiate an investigation into the shooting incident.

Ashley Hill, a resident of Opelika, traveled to downtown Dadeville along with two other women upon hearing about the shootings, in an attempt to ascertain the safety of a family friend.

She expressed deep sorrow for the teenagers who had come together to celebrate a birthday, shaking her head as she described the devastation caused by the incident.

According to Hill, Dadeville, a small town with a population of slightly over 3,000, is not typically associated with the level of violence seen in larger cities.

However, this is not the first time that the town has experienced a mass shooting, as a gunman wounded five individuals during a party at the American Legion

Hall on August 28, 2016. Following the recent incident, the police had cordoned off several blocks near the crime scene, including North Broadnax Street between Green and Columbus streets, as well as a part of Cusseta Street.

This strip consists of a range of professional services, a furniture store, PNC Bank, and the Tallapoosa County Courthouse, which offers various county services, including the probate office.