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Pope County Deputy Sheriff Josh Owen shot and killed during domestic call in Cyrus

The officer and two deputies were struck by gunfire during the arrest. The suspect was killed in the exchange of gunfire as well, the sheriff’s office said.



On a domestic call in Cyrus at around 7:30 p.m. Saturday evening, two deputies and a police officer from Starbuck were shot, according to the Pope County Sheriff’s Office.

Additional information and family members report that one of the deputies who was shot has passed away due to the injuries sustained.

Late Saturday night, radio dispatches indicated that the deputy was being taken to the Midwest Medical Examiner’s Office in Ramsey, Minn.

Early Sunday morning, a procession of at least 24 law enforcement vehicles were witnessed heading eastbound on I-94, carrying the deceased deputy to the medical examiner’s office.

They arrived at approximately 12:50 a.m.

The fallen officer has been identified as Deputy Josh Owen, who was reportedly celebrating his birthday.

The incident occurred when officers were dispatched to a residence on the 400 block of North Stromen St. in Cyrus, in response to a domestic disturbance report. At some point, shots were fired, resulting in three officers being hit by gunfire.

The individual responsible for the shooting has been verified as deceased as a result of the exchange of gunfire. However, the identity of the suspect has not yet been disclosed. Further details regarding the initial domestic disturbance call or the events leading up to the shooting have not been verified.

According to the initial radio dispatches, Pope County deputies secured a weapon at the location of the incident and reported multiple injuries, including the suspect. As of late Saturday, there have been no updates on the condition of the other two injured officers. Authorities have not confirmed if there were any additional casualties resulting from the incident.

In their initial media release, the Pope County Sheriff’s Office stated that there is currently no ongoing danger to the public.

The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension has announced that its agents are aiding in the investigation, and that three officers were shot during the incident.

However, the identities of the two other officers involved have not yet been revealed. The injured Starbuck officer did not require hospitalization, and the Pope County Sheriff’s Deputy was treated for injuries and subsequently discharged from the hospital, as confirmed by authorities.

Rep. Paul Anderson of Starbuck and Rep. Mary Franson of Alexandria jointly issued a statement regarding the shooting:

“We are heartbroken about tonight’s incident in Cyrus — this is a tragic reminder of the dangers that our public safety professionals face protecting our communities,” the statement said. “Please join us in praying for the families of the officers, the community of Cyrus, the Starbuck Police Department, and the Pope County Sheriff’s Office.”