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36-year-old Phillip Riddick arrested in connection to the shooting that killed Joseph Lighty at Walnut-Locust Station

Riddick is expected to face murder charges.



The authorities have recognized the individual who was fatally shot at the Walnut-Locust Station on the Broad Street Line on Saturday afternoon.

In addition, they have taken into custody a 36-year-old man named Phillip Riddick who is presently waiting to face charges related to the incident.

The altercation that led to the shooting occurred on the street level in the 200 block of South Broad Street on Saturday afternoon, between Joseph Lighty, aged 21, and Riddick.

According to the police, the pair proceeded onto the Broad Street Line platform from that location, still arguing. At that point, Riddick’s firearm went off, hitting Lighty in the left leg.

Lighty was later pronounced dead at Jefferson Hospital around 3 p.m., as per the authorities.

Riddick is expected to face murder charges, and there is also an outstanding warrant for his arrest due to his failure to appear in court for a separate offense.