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One person in custody after shots fired in the parking lot of Walmart on 45th Street in West Palm Beach

Police ask public to please stay out of the area.



According to a spokesperson for the West Palm Beach police department, shots were fired during a confrontation with officers in the parking lot of the Walmart on 45th Street on Saturday afternoon.

One man has been arrested while another is still on the loose.

Luckily, no one was harmed during the incident.

Police officers have blocked the entrances to the Walmart.

The situation began when a shopper informed two officers that a possible robbery was taking place, and two men wearing face coverings fled the scene.

One of the men pointed a gun at the officer but later dropped it, and the police recovered the weapon and detained one of the suspects.

The other man is still on the run.

It is unclear at this time who fired the shots, whether it was the suspect or the police officer.

Over a dozen markers indicating a crime scene could be seen in the parking lot.

According to Jachles, when someone is carrying a handgun and confronts a police officer, it’s likely that the officer will respond in kind.

The officer will issue commands, and it’s crucial to follow them; otherwise, one may be at risk of getting killed.

The police are requesting assistance from the public to find the other individual involved.

This is a developing story that will be updated when more information is available.