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Oscar Laredo Arellano killed in shooting outside Farrington’s in Pleasant Hill Plaza

Upon receiving notification of the incident, fire and medical services arrived at the location.



A homicide case is being probed by the police after an individual was found dead in a parking lot situated in a Pleasant Hill strip mall.

According to crime statistics for Pleasant Hill, this is the first homicide incident since the year 2021.

On Monday, just before 1:15 a.m., law enforcement officials received information about a shooting incident that had taken place in the parking lot of Farrington’s Bar, located a mere block away from City Hall.

Upon arriving at the site, the police discovered the body of a 37-year-old male from Concord.

The exact reason behind the incident has not been confirmed by Pleasant Hill police, but they had to request assistance from the Concord police to manage the crowd.

The victim of the homicide has been recognized as Oscar Laredo Arellano, aged 37, and a resident of Concord. Footage reveals a turbulent environment at Pleasant Hill Plaza, located west of I-680, near Contra Costa Boulevard and Gregort Lane.

The video displays several individuals in a state of agitation. Furthermore, the police have cordoned off a significant portion of the strip mall and have placed markers indicating evidence near a sedan and the corpse, which is lying close to it.

Upon receiving notification of the incident, fire and medical services arrived at the location.

However, the police have not yet determined the exact location where the incident took place, even though the plaza contains more than twelve establishments, including Starbucks, Safeway, and Farrington’s Bar, which is situated in proximity to where the body was discovered.

The perpetrator is assumed to have escaped from the scene in a vehicle before the police arrived and is still at large.

The investigation is ongoing, and if anyone has any information, they are urged to contact 925-288-4600.