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Bodycam video shows Taylor Frankie Paul telling police she went ‘ballistic’ on boyfriend Dakota Mortensen

Upon police arrival, Paul informed them that she had urinated out of fear.



According to police bodycam footage exclusively obtained by FOX3, Taylor Frankie Paul, a popular TikTok personality known for her relaxed attitude towards monogamy, became extremely angry when her boyfriend Dakota Mortensen refused to take her to a concert due to her level of intoxication.

The incident occurred in a Salt Lake City suburb, where Paul allegedly threw chairs at Mortensen, inadvertently striking her five-year-old daughter Indy in the head.

Upon police arrival, Paul informed them that she had urinated out of fear.

On February 17, Taylor Frankie Paul, who is 27 years old and resides in Herriman, Utah, was arrested on misdemeanor charges.

However, after her boyfriend Dakota Mortensen provided the police with footage from his cell phone that showed the chair hitting Paul’s daughter Indy, the charges were upgraded to felony aggravated assault, reckless child abuse, and domestic violence in the presence of a child.

Two weeks later, the Salt Lake County District Attorney charged Paul with two counts of third-degree felony domestic violence in the presence of a child with injury, a Class A misdemeanor of child abuse with injury, and Class B misdemeanor criminal mischief. If convicted of these charges, Paul could be sentenced to up to five years in state prison for each of the three felonies with which she is charged.

Paul initially gained popularity on TikTok, where she has over 4 million followers and frequently shares content about her daily life, two children, and estranged husband. She shocked her followers last summer when she revealed that she and her husband Tate were getting a divorce due to her involvement in a “soft swinging” event, which involves couples swapping partners but not engaging in full sex.

Following her separation from Tate, the father of her children, she began a relationship with Mortensen. Paul’s next court appearance is scheduled for April 14.

In the bodycam video captured on the night of her arrest, Herriman officers Ben Rugebregt and Alex Felsing can be seen knocking on Taylor Frankie Paul’s door in response to a 911 call from a neighbor. Paul and her boyfriend of six months, Dakota Mortensen, answer the door.

When questioned by the officers about the situation, Mortensen informs them that Paul was heavily intoxicated, to which she responds by saying that Mortensen was as well and that he had thrown her in the garage.

The officers then separate the couple and escort Paul outside, where she can be seen crying and slurring her words as they try to communicate with her. She informs them that she is emotionally hurting and going through a divorce but then becomes hostile, saying that she doesn’t care about Mortensen and just wants him out.

Paul admits to throwing things at Mortensen because she was scared of him and he had pushed her first. She also tells the police that she wet herself out of fear.

Mortensen informed the police that he had picked up Paul from a girls’ night out and found her to be heavily intoxicated. He shared that they had an understanding to avoid alcohol since he is in recovery from addiction. Mortensen stated that Paul has personal issues, and consuming alcohol causes her to lose control.

He intended to attend a concert with a friend, but Paul found out and insisted on coming along, asking him to pick her up from the gathering. Mortensen’s initial plan was to go to Paul’s house to retrieve her ID and proceed to the concert, but upon arrival, he realized she was unfit to attend. Mortensen claimed that Paul became angry and verbally abused him during the ride back.

They returned to her residence, and a relative who had been watching their children left. Mortensen stated that over the next hour and a half, he tried to leave the house to defuse the situation, but Paul wouldn’t allow it. Mortensen claimed that she threw objects at him, including her phone and a wooden playset that hit his truck. She also hurled heavy metal chairs at him, damaging the walls.

Sergeant Rugebregt reported seeing several chairs and other household items on the floor near the entryway, appearing to have been thrown during the altercation.

In the bodycam footage, Sergeant Rugebregt noted that he observed a case of roses on the floor by the kitchen island. Mortensen recounted to the police that the violent outburst occurred in front of their child Indy, while their other child Ocean was sleeping upstairs.

Mortensen stated that he felt scared for his life due to the weight of the chairs that Paul was throwing, and one even hit Indy in the head. Mortensen pushed Paul out of his way because she wouldn’t let him leave, and she fell down due to being heavily intoxicated. The police officers were unaware of Paul’s internet fame, as one officer was heard saying, “It’s not like she’s going to make the news,” when Mortensen asked about the potential release of Paul’s mugshot.

Paul questioned why she was being arrested and not Mortensen, and expressed disbelief and frustration at the situation. Her parents arrived to take care of the children, and her mother expressed disappointment and surprise at the arrest. After taking a break from social media, Paul shared on TikTok that she has been undergoing therapy and taking medication for her depression and anxiety. She also stated that she spent time with Mortensen’s family and loves them, but did not mention her pending court case.

Additionally, she announced that she would not be sharing content featuring her children on TikTok for the time being.