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Father Thomas Mosley arrested and charged for allegedly killing his child Taylen Mosley and wife Pashun Jeffery

Taylen’s cause of death is still unknown, and it’s uncertain if the alligator played a role in his death.



After his mother Pashun Jeffery, 20, was found brutally murdered in their St. Petersburg apartment, the body of Taylen Mosley was discovered missing.

Jeffery’s murder was described as extremely violent by police. On Thursday, authorities in Florida issued a statewide Amber Alert for the missing boy, using sniffer dogs, drones, and search teams to locate him. On Friday, officials made a shocking discovery.

Pashun Jeffery

Unfortunately, a few miles away from Taylen’s home, an alligator was seen in Lake Maggiore with an object in its mouth.

FOX3 was informed by police sources, Thomas Mosley, the father of the deceased toddler Taylen Mosley, is currently in the hospital but is in the custody of law enforcement.

The mugshot of 21-year-old Thomas Mosley, who has been accused of two counts of first-degree murder related to the deaths of 2-year-old Taylen Mosley and his mother, Pashun Jeffrey, has been made public by the St. Petersburg Police.

Upon his release from the hospital, he will be charged and booked for first-degree murder in the deaths of Taylen and his mother, Pashun Jeffrey.

The St. Petersburg apartment where the tragedy took place is still under police control.

Authorities realized that the object was Taylen’s body, and an officer shot the alligator, causing it to drop the body. Taylen’s cause of death is still unknown, and it’s uncertain if the alligator played a role in his death.

The alligator was later euthanized.

Thomas Mosley, Taylen’s father, was arrested and charged with killing his son and Jeffery.

Holloway said that the suspect went to his mother’s house with cuts on his arms and hands, then admitted himself to the hospital.

He is not cooperating with the police. Jeffery and her son were last seen by relatives on Wednesday at around 5:20 pm.

Later that same night, Jeffery’s neighbors reported hearing a loud commotion near her apartment, but authorities were not contacted at that time.

The following day after the incident, Jeffery’s body was discovered by the property manager of the apartment building after her mother contacted them.

It was reported that she had suffered multiple stab wounds.