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13-year-old River Ridge Middle School student arrested after making a hoax threat to conduct a shooting

He was arrested for Written Threats to Kill or Conduct a Mass Shooting, which is a felony.



Today, a student from River Ridge Middle School was taken into custody after making a prank threat about carrying out a shooting at the school on Snapchat.

The 13-year-old student has been charged with a felony for Written Threats to Kill or Conduct a Mass Shooting.

Furthermore, a River Ridge High School student was charged with obstruction for concealing the identity of the individual who made the threat.

It should be noted that neither school is currently under threat, as the authorities determined that the threat was made in jest.

This case serves as a crucial reminder that all threats are taken seriously by PSO, and even making a joke threat can lead to severe consequences.

Additionally, PSO encourages parents and guardians to have conversations with their children about responsible behavior on social media and how making such posts can have serious repercussions.