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At least 23 killed with dozens of injuries and four people missing after destructive tornado hit Mississippi

Search & recovery efforts are still ongoing.



Powerful storms and a massive tornado that struck Mississippi on Friday night have caused immense devastation, resulting in the loss of at least 23 lives.

Rolling Fork, one of the affected towns, was reportedly “obliterated,” while Silver City was also hit hard.

Videos from the scene depict ruined homes, fallen trees and power lines, and debris scattered across a vast area. As of 6:20 a.m. on Saturday, the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency reported 23 fatalities, dozens of injuries, and four individuals missing statewide.

Search and rescue teams from various local and state agencies have been deployed, along with personnel providing aid to those affected by the tornadoes.

Friday night, as the tornado formed, the National Weather Service issued a seldom seen “tornado emergency,” warning people that they were in a life-threatening situation.

The advisory cautioned that “flying debris may be deadly to those caught without shelter” and that mobile homes would be destroyed.

It further warned of considerable damage to homes, businesses, and vehicles, and the possibility of complete destruction.

The Storm Prediction Center had earlier placed the area under a “moderate risk” for severe weather, which is the second-highest risk category.