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Suspect Austin Lyle found dead near his vehicle in Bailey, Colorado

Heather Burke from Denver Health confirmed that Jerald Mason and Eric Sinclair, both identified as deans on East High School’s website



The county coroner’s office has identified the body discovered in a wooded area in Colorado on Wednesday evening as Austin Lyle.

Lyle was a 17-year-old who had fled after allegedly shooting and injuring two staff members at a Denver high school that had already experienced a fatal shooting last month.

The Park County Coroners Office will continue to investigate Lyle’s death, but no additional information will be released until after the autopsy.

During a news conference, Park County Sheriff Tom McGraw announced that Lyle’s body was found near a red Volvo SUV that law enforcement had been seeking.

He reassured the anxious community that they could be “relieved” and that the shelter-in-place warning for nearby residents had been lifted.

According to Denver police officials, Lyle was identified as the suspect in the Wednesday morning shooting at East High School.

According to Chief Thomas, one of the deans injured in the shooting was in a serious but stable condition, while the other was in critical condition and undergoing surgery.

Heather Burke from Denver Health confirmed that Jerald Mason and Eric Sinclair, both identified as deans on East High School’s website, were taken to Denver Health Medical Center.

He was placed under a school safety plan that required him to undergo daily pat down searches when entering the school.

Denver Police Chief Ron Thomas did not disclose the reason for Lyle’s inclusion in the safety plan but stated that he was searched in an administrative area separate from other students before going to class.

One staff member is currently in critical condition, while another has sustained serious injuries but is in a stable condition, as confirmed by Thomas on Wednesday. Following the incident, a manhunt for the suspect lasted for several hours after he fled the scene.

According to McGraw, the search for the suspect’s vehicle on Wednesday was intense, with multiple local law enforcement agencies, as well as the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, being involved.

After roughly four hours of searching, the Jefferson County SWAT team ultimately discovered a body approximately 1,000 feet from the suspect’s vehicle, as stated by McGraw.

The sheriff did not provide details on how the death occurred and chose not to disclose whether a gun was found near the body.

As of Wednesday, the police had not confirmed if the gun used in the East High School shooting had been recovered.

According to the Gun Violence Archive, a non-profit organization that tracks gun violence nationwide in real-time, the shooting at East High School marks the 18th instance this year in which at least one person was injured or killed during a shooting at an elementary or secondary school in the US.