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Several cars of a freight train derailed in Ayer, Massachusetts

Same company involved in several recent high-profile derailments, including the chemical spill in East Palestine, Ohio.



On Wednesday, a freight train in Ayer, Massachusetts experienced a derailment, causing several cars to topple over in the area of Sculley Road, as confirmed by the Ayer Fire Department.

Visible damage was present on the tracks and freight cars, and blue cargo containers were seen rolled to the side of the tracks.

Fortunately, the train was stationary at the time of the incident, and did not contain any hazardous materials, according to fire officials.

The Massachusetts Department of Emergency Management was notified about the derailment and informed that the affected cars were carrying trash and recycling materials.

In a statement, fire officials said they are collaborating with railroad authorities, Ayer Police Department, and Ayer Department of Public Works to manage the situation.

They requested the public to avoid the area. Although the derailed cars were connected to Norfolk Southern engines, the company stated that they were not in charge of the train.

A spokesperson added that a statement explaining the matter would be released soon. It is noteworthy that Norfolk Southern has been involved in significant train accidents in the past, such as the large chemical spill in East Palestine, Ohio.