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Two staff members injured after shooting at Denver East High School

All students are in their third period classrooms.



Update: We are attempting to verify the information with other sources, but according to a reliable source with inside knowledge, two faculty members were shot while attempting to search a student who had been expelled from a previous school due to possession of weapons.

According to city officials, a male student has shot and injured two adult faculty members at a high school in Denver on Wednesday.

Denver Police Chief Ron Thomas reported that the incident occurred around 9:50 a.m., and police and medical responders arrived at the scene promptly to find two adult men with gunshot wounds.

One faculty member is currently in stable condition, while the other is in critical condition, Thomas added.

As part of the school’s safety plan, the student suspected of the shooting was patted down, and during the search, a handgun was recovered, followed by several shots being fired, Thomas said.

The student fled the school, and authorities are now searching for him.

Mayor Michael Hancock has reported that in addition to the shooting incident, another student at East High School was taken to the hospital due to an allergic reaction.

According to a tweet from Denver Public Schools, school officials will implement a controlled release of students once police allow. The tweet explains that students who drove themselves will be escorted to their cars, those who ride the bus will be held on campus until their bus arrives, and students who are dropped off by a parent can be picked up from a separate location.

The school system’s largest and highest-performing comprehensive high school, East High School has approximately 2,500 students across 9th through 12th grades.

Rewritten: East High School is situated in the City Park district of the Colorado capital and is known for its Jacobethan Revival architecture, which has earned it recognition as a Denver Historic Landmark.

The clock tower on top of the school bears resemblance to Philadelphia’s Independence Hall, according to the school website. The school will remain closed for the remainder of the week after the shooting, said Superintendent Alex Marrero during a news conference.

Two armed officers will be present on campus when the students return and for the rest of the academic year, he added.

This is a developing story that will be updated when more information is available.