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Brian Bush accused of killing his childhood friend, Earl Green, in retaliation for the killing of girlfriend Clotheia Garrett

Court documents said Garrett, 45, was shot at least seven times.



A man from southwest Houston has been imprisoned on suspicion of carrying out a revenge killing.

Brian Bush, aged 38, allegedly murdered someone shortly after the individual he is accused of killing, Earl Marcell Green, fatally shot Bush’s long-term girlfriend.

The two homicides occurred within the last week of February.

According to court records, Bush and his girlfriend of eight years, Clotheia Garrett, encountered Green, who was an old childhood friend, while en route to a Sonic Drive-Thru on S. Post Oak for a meal.

The conversation was affable and they were all joking around until Bush got out of the car to place an order, at which point Green allegedly opened fire on his girlfriend.

The vehicle was riddled with bullet holes at the scene on Feb. 26, and witnesses were shocked by what had transpired. Court documents reveal that Garrett, aged 45, was shot at least seven times.

The following day, Green was charged with her murder, but he never made it to trial. On Feb. 28, Green was shot and killed in the middle of the day at the Blue Ridge Road and Rockergate Drive intersection in far southwest Houston.

He was shot multiple times. “We do not believe this was a random crime,” stated HPD Commander Christopher Hassig. Bush is currently being held in the Harris County jail on a charge of unlawful carry of a weapon.

Since Green was killed in the Fort Bend County area, Bush has been charged with murder in Fort Bend County and is scheduled to appear in court again in April, according to officials.