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Donald Trump to publish “Letters to Trump” which includes messages with celebrities and leaders

Trump fans can also get a signed edition for $400.



The publication of his new book, Letters to Trump, was announced by the former US President. The book is set to include letters from various prominent personalities, including Diana, Oprah, Ronald Reagan, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Richard Nixon, and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

The book is being published through Winning Team Publishing, which had previously released Trump’s book, Our Journey Together, that earned him more than $20 million, according to Axios.

The announcement included excerpts from the book, such as a letter from Oprah, in which she expressed excitement about potentially teaming up with Trump for political purposes.

Another section of the book features Trump’s letters to Kim Jong-un, which include a handwritten message from Trump wishing the dictator good luck for the future, indicating a shift from their earlier aggressive posturing towards each other.

Their previously contentious relationship has since transformed into something of a bromance, including Trump’s famous “fire and fury” comment.

Trump expressed his eagerness to improve relations with North Korea and work together for a better and safer future, in a letter featured in his upcoming book, Letters to Trump.

In response, Kim acknowledged Trump’s plans and determination, expressing encouragement and a willingness to take big steps to resolve issues and end negative bilateral relations.

The book will also include photos from Trump’s pre-White House career as a successful businessman, as well as his original commentary on each letter, as per the publishing house.

Trump’s presidency ended after just one term, marked by his controversial departure, including false claims of voter fraud and the Capitol riot in January 6, 2021.

Despite his loss, Trump has announced his plans to run for president again in 2024, but he will face tough competition from Republican contender Ron DeSantis, with both having loyal supporters within the GOP.

The large coffee table book will be available for purchase on April 25 through Winning Team for $100.

For $400, supporters of Trump can also purchase a signed copy of the book.