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21-year-old Genesis Escobar who was 7-months pregnant shot and killed in Belmont Cragin

Genesis text her close friend “please help, I’m in trouble” but the text went unseen because the friend was sleeping.



On Monday afternoon, a young woman aged 21 was fatally shot multiple times while she was sitting in a vehicle during a robbery attempt in the Belmont Cragin neighborhood.

An update provided later in the evening by the Chicago Police Department revealed that the woman had entered a vehicle in the 5200 block of West Montana Street and declared her intention to commit a robbery.

During the course of the incident, there was a gunfight between an unknown assailant outside the vehicle and those inside it, resulting in the 21-year-old woman being shot in the hand, back, and shoulder.

Genesis sent a distressing text to a close friend shortly before her tragic death, stating “please help, I’m in trouble.” Unfortunately, her friend was asleep and didn’t see the message.

Suddenly, four gunshots were heard, causing the friend to wake up and look out the window, where she saw a person exiting the driver’s side of a vehicle, walking to the passenger’s side, pulling Genesis out of the car, leaving her body in the middle of a crosswalk, throwing hundreds of dollars onto her body, and driving away.

The friend and her mother rushed to the window to see what was happening.

When they went outside, they found Genesis, who was seven months pregnant, lying critically injured and struggling to breathe.

Emergency medical personnel arrived and took the young woman to the hospital, where both she and her unborn baby girl were declared dead.

After the police arrived at the scene, the woman was taken to Illinois Masonic Hospital, where she was pronounced dead. Family sources who spoke to FOX3 said that the victim, identified by the Cook County Medical Examiner as Genesis Escobar, was seven months pregnant at the time of the shooting, and her baby also passed away at the hospital.

Earlier on Monday, during the preliminary stages of the investigation, the Chicago Police Department stated that the 21-year-old woman was sitting inside a vehicle in the 5200 block of West Montana Street around 1 p.m. when she was shot in the shoulder, back, and hand.

The reasons leading up to the incident were unclear at that point. Currently, no suspects have been detained in connection with the case.

If you have any relevant information that could aid the police in solving this case, please submit anonymous tips online at