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Laclede County police investigating the death of Ryan Holloway as a homicide, Suspect Jimmy Sanders arrested

Deputies found Ryan Holloway lying outside his home, dead from an apparent gunshot wound.



Ryan Holloway

The Laclede County Sheriff’s Office is continuing to investigate the shooting death of Ryan Holloway. A suspect in the case was arrested yesterday after the shooting.

Jimmy Sanders, was arrested at his home on Pleasant Drive.

Sanders has not been charged in the death of Holloway, but was charged with 3rd Degree Domestic Assault and is being held without bond in the Laclede County Sheriff’s Office.

“We are continuing the investigation today. An autopsy was conducted this afternoon. The 3rd degree domestic assault, while a separate incident from the shooting, is relevant to the events that occurred on Park Drive,” Sheriff David Millsap said.

“Investigators are working with the Prosecutor’s Office in reviewing the events surrounding the shooting and death of Holloway.

There are several factors under review that may determine if there is probable cause a crime was committed,” the Sheriff said. “There are times when poor decisions are made, and times when several poor decisions by different parties are made, which leads to tragic outcomes.

Our job is to determine the facts and if those facts, even when they are based on poor choices, add up to a crime under the statute,” Millsap added.