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Armed carjacking suspect in custody after opens fire on officers during dangerous chase through LA County

Although no injuries were reported, officers retaliated with gunfire.



After leading authorities on a dangerous chase, an individual suspected of carjacking while armed has been taken into custody.

The pursuit began on Friday afternoon in Chino, following reports of a reckless driver. The suspect refused to pull over and crashed into a vehicle, but continued driving.

At one point during the chase, the suspect appeared to fire shots at officers with what looked like an assault rifle. Eventually, the suspect pulled into a Shell gas station in Corona, where they carjacked a pickup truck while Corona PD officers were arriving.

The suspect, who has not been identified, continued to drive the stolen truck for the duration of the chase.

During the pursuit, AIR7 HD was present when the suspect halted on the 91 Freeway, just prior to the 55 Freeway, and brandished what appeared to be an assault rifle, firing at officers.

Although no injuries were reported, officers retaliated with gunfire.

Two additional shootings occurred during the chase, one resulting in multiple bullet holes on the suspect’s windshield.

The suspect drove at high speeds, reaching up to 100 mph on certain occasions and even on surface streets. At one point, the suspect abruptly came to a stop on Woodruff Avenue and Allington Street in the Long Beach-Lakewood region, where a group of students who had just left school blocked their path.

The long line of students crossing the street was captured by AIR7 HD. The suspect patiently waited for the students to clear the area before speeding away.

In the final moments of the chase, the suspect crashed into another vehicle in Harbor City, losing control and slamming into a pole.

The truck was left severely damaged in the street, and the suspect attempted to carjack another vehicle but was unsuccessful.

Law enforcement officials intervened, and at least six officers tackled the suspect and apprehended him. Another individual was observed being handcuffed, but their involvement in the incident is unclear.