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Nebraska police receive multiple false reports of active shooters at various schools

These calls have not been confirmed.



On Thursday, various Nebraska schools were falsely reported to have active shooters, prompting police departments across the state to respond.

In one incident, a person claiming to be a teacher in a specific room at Hastings High School called 911 to report an active shooter, but police found the call suspicious as the teacher’s name and room number did not exist.

Nevertheless, the school was immediately locked down, and officers searched the premises but found no shooter.

An investigation into the non-credible threat has been launched. Similar false reports were made at other schools, including a high school in Lincoln, Scotus Central Catholic High School in Columbus, Kearney High School, and Omaha South.

The Kearney Police Department noted that there has been a pattern of hoax calls from someone claiming to be a Middle Eastern male witnessing a shooting in a school building.

These calls have not been confirmed.