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Watch Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury: Both start fighting BEFORE the bell

bout finally takes place after two-year feud



Prior to the bell ringing, Jake Paul and Tommy Fury began fighting during their long-awaited grudge match.

They were seen eager to engage in combat, even before the referee had separated them. Eventually, the fight began with both fighters going head-to-head.

The two have a history of being unable to be in the same room without conflict. When the fight was first announced, they squared up in the ring before the Artur Beterbiev v Anthony Yarde match and had to be pulled apart by their teams.

They also almost fought during their pre-match press conference earlier in the week, and Derek Chisora had to intervene to prevent a physical altercation.

The pair have been engaged in a war of words for a couple of years and seem to genuinely harbor resentment towards each other. Earlier in the week, Fury expressed his disdain for Paul in an interview, stating that Paul talks a good game, but fighting is his specialty.

On Sunday night, it wasn’t about who could talk the best, but who could fight the best.

Fury criticized Paul’s boxing skills, saying he can’t fight, and referred to him as a white-collar boxer.