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Adrienne Arrington fatally shot by police in Pittsburgh

According to her cousin who spoke to FOX3, Adrienne Arrington, aged 39, was in a state of mourning and did not intend to harm anyone, however, she was shot and killed by the police after reportedly firing at them.



As per her cousin who spoke to FOX3, Adrienne Arrington, a 39-year-old woman who was in an abandoned home in the St. Clair section of Pittsburgh on a Friday afternoon, had a mental breakdown and did not intend to harm anyone.

Someone reported her as a “suspicious person,” prompting the police to swarm the area, with SWAT trucks being deployed in the neighborhood.

The police reported that the woman started firing at them, and later emerged from the residence holding a pistol raised at the officers. In response, the police fired back and fatally shot Arrington, according to Allegheny County police.

Musa James, the cousin of Adrienne Arrington, informed FOX3 on Saturday that Arrington was grieving, and the abandoned house where the incident occurred was her space to mourn after the passing of her mother and brother at that location.

James added that Arrington was experiencing a mental breakdown, and the authorities probably did not attempt to de-escalate the situation.

James expressed her fondness for her cousin, stating that she was her favorite big cousin, and they shared many childhood memories, such as Arrington offering her snacks, doing her hair, and even occasionally looking after her children.

The Allegheny County police took over the case, following the protocol in any officer-involved critical incident.

The police are processing the scene, and the Homicide Unit is interviewing witnesses.

More details will be provided when deemed appropriate.

James expressed deep sadness, saying that her heart was shattered by the incident.

According to James, the neighbors were aware that Adrienne Arrington visited the abandoned house from time to time, and even slept on the back porch.

James acknowledged the reality of mental health issues and expressed the opinion that her cousin did not deserve to die, adding that the police used lethal force.

James suggested that Arrington might have had the gun because of the house’s location and its abandonment, and reiterated that Arrington did not intend to harm anyone.

The authorities have requested anyone with information about the case to contact the Allegheny County Police Tipline at 1-833-ALL-TIPS (1-833-255-8477); callers may choose to remain anonymous.

The department can also be contacted via its social media platforms.