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CIA possesses a confidential technique that eliminates pain

Someone else wrote: “Trying the 55515 trick… and it working.”



A method that is said to eliminate pain entirely, purportedly developed by the CIA, has been reportedly utilized by several TikTokers who assert its efficacy.

Several TikTok users, among them Stephanie Forlini (@stephanieamber07) who frequently shares pain alleviation methods as part of her ‘CIA declassified’ series on the platform, and @Spiritualascension5d who found it ‘very intriguing’, have disseminated this advice.

In her video, Forlini presents an image of a declassified CIA document that describes the peculiar method, which she asserts is “primarily employed to broaden one’s awareness and encourage interaction with non-physical energies.” The technique entails focusing on the area of the body experiencing discomfort and reciting a specific number. “You need to gaze or imagine the area of the body that’s causing pain and repeat the number 55515,” Forlini explained, adding that the approach was actually derived from the Monroe Institute’s Gateway program, a “meditative program that the CIA employed in their studies for Project Stargate.”

A document available online provides details on the “daily tools” that are intended for use “in your physical waking life.” In the section concerning the reduction of “pain signals,” it advises: “With your eyes shut, direct your attention towards the area of your body where pain signals originate. As you focus, repeat the number 55515 in your thoughts. By doing so, the intensity of pain signals should gradually diminish until they are no longer significant.” According to Spiritualascension5d, the fundamental concept is to “concentrate mentally on the area of the body that is experiencing discomfort – using your third eye, so to speak.”

The individuals then recommend repeating the number sequence 55515 until the pain subsides, he explains.

This idea has become somewhat of a viral trend, with numerous people trying it out and asserting its effectiveness. One TikToker captioned their video with “Why does this work?” while another wrote “Trying the 55515 trick…and it’s working.”

Additionally, the CIA document includes other suggestions, such as reducing “emotional charge.” This entails closing your eyes, taking a deep breath, holding it briefly, and imagining a calming, purifying green color.

Upon exhaling slowly, the green energy should push all extra and harmful emotional charges down through your physical system and out through your feet.

To attain a “normal, natural, restful sleep,” you are advised to “lie down comfortably, take five deep breaths, and count from 1 to 20.”

Before you reach the count of 20, you should enter a natural and restful sleep, according to the document.