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14-year-old boy brought a gun to Charles E. Jordan High School in Durham

Sheriff said, ‘It’s disheartening that young people believe they need to solve their problems with a gun. Thankfully, no one was injured or killed’



Following the discovery of yet another firearm on a school campus, this time at Durham’s Jordan High School on Friday, concerned parents are contemplating measures to prevent such incidents from recurring.

Roland Tita, a parent of two students attending Jordan High School, expressed apprehension regarding the safety of his children, fervently hoping that they remain unharmed.

Notably, February has seen 11 instances of guns being found on school campuses, including at Jordan and Millbrook High School, where a loaded AR-15 was brought by an individual during Millbrook High’s basketball game on Thursday.

Tita, along with other parents, seeks viable solutions to combat this escalating issue.

“Should we consider installing cameras in every room?” queried Tita, suggesting the placement of numerous cameras to ensure comprehensive monitoring.

On Friday, a 14-year-old student was discovered to have brought a gun to Jordan High School in Durham, as reported by the Durham County Sheriff’s Office.

Acting on a tipoff just before 4 p.m., the school resource officer initiated a lockdown and found the gun in the student’s possession.

In the past week, students from various Durham Public Schools voiced their apprehensions concerning gun violence, as stated by Sheriff Clarence Birkhead.

While it’s commendable that our students are becoming more vigilant and reporting suspicious activity, it’s disheartening that young individuals feel the need to resort to firearms to solve their problems.

Fortunately, no injuries or fatalities were reported in this particular instance. February has witnessed a total of 11 guns being discovered on school premises, which includes an airsoft gun found at West Middlebrook Middle School.