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Active Shooter alarm at Canyon Ridge High School was Hoax

The Active Shooter alarm was part of a nationwide hoax and there is no danger, according to the city of Twin Falls.



Photo credit: KMVT News

According to the city of Twin Falls, there is no danger as the Active Shooter alarm that occurred during advisory class at Canyon Ridge High School was part of a nationwide hoax.

At 12:05, Canyon Ridge High School will dismiss all students who have transportation available.

However, for those who don’t have transportation, they can stay at the school until their parent can pick them up. If parents wish to collect their children before 12:05, the reunification point has been relocated to CRHS.

Parents can either visit the building or contact the school, although it’s worth noting that the school has a limited number of phone lines, so there may be some delay in answering calls.

Following similar threats received by multiple schools across multiple states, police officials have conducted a third sweep of Canyon Ridge High School.

The TFPD has reported no injuries, and as a result, parents have begun to collect their children.

Emergency crews are conducting a sweep of Canyon Ridge High School, leading to the cancellation of all classes at the College of Southern Idaho until 1:00 pm today.