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DOUGLAS COUNTY, Ore. – Law enforcement is receiving FALSE reports of an active shooter at various Douglas County Schools. At this time, all reports are false. However, law enforcement is responding to each report and taking each report seriously. Law enforcement is working in partnership with all schools to ensure safety of students and staff.

Parents may have a reaction to want to pick up their child from school and we urge parents to please not do that. Doing so can result in additional chaos and panic as well as detract law enforcement from focusing on their assigned tasks.

“We believe these to be swatting incidents to instigate police response and generate panic among responders and community members,” Lt. Brad O’Dell said. “There have been similar incidents occurring nationwide for at least the past 24 hours. Law Enforcement will respond to and assess each incident appropriately.”

Lt O’Dell also recommends that the community avoid calling 9-1-1 or the non-emergency number to check on the status of these incidents or to inquire about picking up students. “The 9-1-1 center is being overrun with these calls making managing an already stressful incident even more so,” he said. “This also prevents delays in answering other life or death emergency calls and dispatching the appropriate resources.”

The community is urged to look to credible news sources, government and local emergency response organizations for updates to avoid misinformation.