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17-year-old Angeles Zaragoza killed in Cielo Vista Mall shooting

Emanuel Duran drew his handgun and shot the suspect as he ran towards him and other bystanders.



New information has been released by the El Paso Police Department regarding the shooting at Cielo Vista Mall on Wednesday, which resulted in one death and three injuries.

According to the police, a confrontation between two groups occurred near the food court at approximately 5:05 p.m.

The first group was made up of Angeles Zaragoza, a 17-year-old Hispanic boy who was seriously injured, a 17-year-old Hispanic girl, a 16-year-old Hispanic boy, a 14-year-old Hispanic boy, and a 14-year-old Hispanic girl.

The second group consisted of a 16-year-old male who has been identified as the shooter, a 20-year-old Hispanic male who was injured, a 17-year-old Hispanic male, and a 15-year-old Hispanic male.

The physical altercation between the two groups then escalated into a fight, during which the 16-year-old suspect pulled out a handgun and fatally shot Zaragoza, as well as seriously wounding a 17-year-old boy from the first group and the 20-year-old from the second group.

Following the shooting, the 16-year-old suspect began to flee while pointing the gun towards bystanders, including 32-year-old Emanuel Duran, who holds a License to Carry.

Duran drew his handgun and shot the suspect as he ran towards him and other bystanders. An off-duty El Paso Police Officer arrived on the scene and joined Duran in rendering aid to the injured.

The investigation revealed the presence of at least two other legally armed individuals in the area, but they were not involved in the incident.

The 16-year-old suspect remains in stable condition, and charges are pending against him.

The investigation is ongoing.