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Michael McRae, brother of Michigan State University shooting suspect Anthony McRae, said he was a loner

“He stayed to himself,” Michael McRae said. “He kind of secluded himself.



Michael McRae, the older brother of the alleged shooter in the Michigan State shootings, expressed his confusion about what led to Anthony McRae’s shooting spree on campus.

He described the situation as unreal and is still attempting to comprehend the events that transpired.

Authorities are also perplexed and unable to provide reasons why Anthony McRae, 43, entered two buildings on the university campus and commenced firing.

Police reported that he had no prior or present association with the institution. Following police interaction, he died from a self-inflicted gunshot.

Michael McRae, his brother, mentioned that they had grown distant over the years and described Anthony as a reclusive person.

Michael McRae resides in Delaware, while he and his brother were raised in New Jersey.

Approximately 20 years ago, Anthony McRae and their parents relocated to Lansing after their father was transferred from General Motors in New Jersey.

Court and Michigan Department of Corrections records reveal that in 2019, Anthony McRae pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor weapons charge in Lansing.

He completed around 19 months of probation and was successfully discharged from MDOC in May 2021.

The brothers’ last conversation was at their mother’s funeral two years ago in Lansing, which was not pleasant. Anthony McRae did not have any children, a partner, or known friends according to his brother, and he worked at warehouse positions in Lansing.

According to Michael McRae, his brother was an introverted individual who kept to himself.

Michael McRae was informed about the incident by their father on Tuesday.

Although their relationship was strained, he could never have anticipated such an event. Michael McRae expressed his regret and plans to visit Lansing to be with his father.