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Sadie Loza, the 15-year-old niece of Audrina Patridge from The Hills, has passed away

She was only 15.



On Valentine’s Day, Casey Loza, the mother of the teenager Sadie Loza, took to Instagram to inform followers about the tragic news of her daughter’s passing.

Casey Loza shared a photo of her daughter with her 79.5k Instagram followers, announcing that Sadie Raine Loza had passed away and had gone to heaven.

The task of writing this has been incredibly difficult, and I’m struggling to find the right words to express my feelings.

However, I want to share that Sadie had a love for thermodynamics, and to help explain the tragedy, I’ll use the Law of Conservation of Energy as a metaphor.

As Casey said, “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.” Transformation is a more fitting word than death. Sadie’s story will inspire and help many people, and we will never forget her memory.

Rest in peace, my brilliant starseed. You’re with your creator, and we will miss you dearly.

I love you. Audrina expressed her condolences in the comments with two heart and two crying face emojis.

In the comments, Audrina expressed her condolences with two heart and two crying face emojis, and Taylor Selfridge from Teen Mom offered her sympathy, saying she was sorry for Casey’s loss and sending her love and prayers to the family.

Sadly, just a week after celebrating her fifteenth birthday with her family, Sadie passed away. Casey had previously posted a video on Instagram that captured her daughter blowing out the candles on her birthday cake, expressing her pride and joy.

“I can’t believe you’re 15,” she wrote, “it feels like the years flew by and we still have so many more adventures to go on!”

Casey Loza, who is known to fans of The Hills from her occasional appearances on the show alongside her sister Audrina, has two children with her husband, Kyle Loza, who is a motorcross rider.

One of these children was Sadie, and the other is a 12-year-old son named Sam.

Casey, who has gained recognition among fans of The Hills for her occasional appearances on the MTV show with her sister Audrina, maintains a substantial following on social media.

Although she doesn’t frequently post about her teenage children, the former TV personality is preparing to launch her own eyebrow microblading studio.