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Brooklyn U-Haul suspect Weng Sor wanted to die after mowing down pedestrians

So far, at this early stage of the investigation, there are no indications that this is a terrorism incident, senior law enforcement officials say.



A dramatic incident occurred in Brooklyn’s Bay Ridge neighborhood on Thursday morning when a driver drove through a crowd of people.

The driver, identified as Weng Sor, 62, hit multiple pedestrians on Bay Ridge Parkway and 5th Avenue before fleeing the scene.

Footage obtained by the New York Post showed the truck striking a moped, sending the rider flying, and then driving on the sidewalk, hitting more people and bicycles.

The authorities later caught the driver in Red Hook, approximately five miles away. The suspect reportedly told the police that he wanted to die after hitting the pedestrians.

According to the sources, Sor has no prior criminal record. The New York City Police Department’s bomb squad was also present to check the U-Haul for any explosive devices.

It has been reported that eight people were injured, two of them in critical condition, and two more with severe injuries.

As of yet, the officials have not determined the reason behind the incident, but Bay Ridge Councilmember Justin Brannan believes that it was not a random occurrence but was intentional.