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NOTAM has been pulled, Airspace has been re-opened

Another shoot down is most likely imminent. It’s currently unclear if it is related to another “unknown” object.



Update: Billings-Logan International Airport and Havre City Airport have reportedly been reopened to incoming and outgoing Commercial Aircraft.

Original Story:

The FAA has issued a NOTAM, Notice to Air Mission for the skies over Havre, Montana.

The area is being classified as “Internal Defense Airspace”.

There are also reports of the United States scrambling fighter jets out of Washington.

The FAA says they are closing the airspace above northern Montana for “Department of Defense activities.”

The FAA issued a notice barring flights in an area about 50 by 50 nautical miles around Havre, Montana, near the Canadian border and classifying the area as “national defense airspace.”

The FAA declined to say if it was in relation to another balloon or another object.

This is a developing story that will be updated when more information is available.