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Lund Boat Company active shooter identified as David Jeremiah Gadsden, faces multiple felonies

A man from Henning, aged 21, was taken into custody and accused of several serious crimes after a shooting incident at Lund Boat Company in New York Mills on February 9th. Fortunately, there were no reports of any injuries.



An active shooter situation at Lund Boat Company in New York Mills on February 9 resulted in the arrest of a 21-year-old employee, David Jeremiah Gadsden, of Henning, Minnesota.

He is facing multiple felony charges.

According to the Otter Tail County Sheriff’s Office, Gadsden had an argument with another employee, a 31-year-old man, and pulled out a small-caliber handgun, firing at the victim.

Fortunately, the victim was not hit but managed to escape after Gadsden chased him outside, where another round may have been fired.

Other employees prevented Gadsden from re-entering the building and restrained him until law enforcement arrived.

He was arrested and charged with second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon, second-degree murder with intent, dangerous weapon – intentionally pointing a gun, and gross misdemeanor carry and possession of a pistol without a permit in a public place.

According to Sheriff Barry Fitzgibbons of Otter Tail County and Police Chief Bobby Berndt of New York Mills, there were no significant injuries reported at the scene.

Only minor scratches were sustained during the altercation with the suspect.

The law enforcement agencies cleared the area by 10 in the morning.