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2 Suspects detained and weapon recovered at Rio Grande City High School

RGC High On Lockdown: At 9:45 am, RGCG will provide an update on the incident at Rio High School.



Update: As we mentioned earlier two students have been apprehended. They are being interviewed at this time. This is a very long process parents. We are still under lockdown. Rest assured that all of our students are safe. Our staff are safe. No gunshots have been fired today. Please please you know rest assured parents. No we’ve done sweeps. You know we have a lot of different law enforcements here.

They’ve done several sweeps this morning. They in the perimeter. We our students are safe. They are fine. The only thing is that this is a long process and you know, I have people here that will be saying a few words just to make sure that we reach out to you parents. It is a process. This will take some time. We will release students later on today approximately about 2 PM at the front through the guard house but do rest assured parents that we’re going to verify the information is correct before we release any students.

So, no students will be today unless you know we verified through our school system, so parents rest assured everything is fine.

Victor Escalor, Regional Director for DPS South Texas said “I just want to echo what these gentlemen were saying of what happened here day. Two suspects are in custody and this is a police investigation. So right now, that takes time. Uh we’re moving as quickly as we can.”

“We need to secure all the buildings on this campus before we release the the children. So, we’re looking at about 2 o’clock. We’ll begin that process and when we begin that process, we have to make sure that the student and the parent match up. It goes back to the school protocol. We have plenty of personnel here on the roadways, in the school. We have counselors to address any need of the students, anybody involved in today’s incident. So again, thank you again and it’ll take some time but we’re moving as quickly as we can.”

“There were no shots fired. We we have two suspects. A call came in. Officers active quickly and swiftly and secured 2 suspects. In this investigation, a weapon was recovered but no shots were ever fired. As of now, it’s safe but to error on the side of caution, we are checking every building on this campus before we release anybody.”

On Wednesday morning, Rio Grande City High School was put on lockdown following a possible threat.

Adrian Ozuna, the director of public relations for Rio Grande City Grulla ISD, stated that the Starr County Sheriff’s Office received the threat and law enforcement, including the sheriff’s department, Texas DPS, and Border Patrol, are currently at the scene.

RGCG ISD says authorities received a tip this morning that a student had a gun on campus. Multiple agencies immediately responded to assist Rio Grande City Grulla ISD police.

According to Ozuna, two suspects have been taken into custody and will be interrogated by authorities.

He emphasized the importance of prioritizing the safety of students and staff, saying, “We want to ensure that we react appropriately and not underreact. Safety of our students and staff is our top priority.”

The lockdown at Rio Grande City High School will remain in effect until further notice, as per Ozuna’s statement.

This is a developing story that will be updated when more information is available.