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Police responded to false reports of school shootings at multiple schools across Michigan

Numerous fake threats or “swatting” calls are being made at schools throughout the state of Michigan and the country Tuesday, according to Michigan State Police.



On Tuesday, law enforcement officials responded to false reports of school shootings at various schools throughout Michigan.

This morning there have been calls to Okemos High School and Jackson High School about an active shooter which has been found to be a hoax. Reminder that reporting a false threat against schools or business is a crime.

A letter from Michigan State Police (MSP) to school districts, posted on Facebook by Muskegon Public Schools, stated that the Detroit and Southeast Michigan Intelligence Center (DSEMIIC) and the Michigan Intelligence Operations Center (MIOC) have received information about several swatting calls targeting educational institutions throughout the state, including K-12 schools in Detroit, Jackson, Ann Arbor, and Okemos.

According to MSP, the DSEMIIC and MIOC believe that these swatting calls are part of a coordinated effort targeting schools in Michigan.

MSP mentioned in the letter that currently, neither the DSEMIIC nor the MIOC have any information about credible threats to K-12 educational institutions in Michigan.

The letter sent to schools reported that several law enforcement agencies received calls from an individual with a heavy accent who provided the name and address of the school, claimed to be a teacher at the school, and reported that a student had shot another student in rooms that were found not to exist.

Following the swatting incidents at Detroit, Jackson, Ann Arbor & Okemos schools this morning, Attorney General Nessel reissued her video highlighting the seriousness of making threats against schools & stated, “It’s critical that adults & students alike understand the seriousness of these threats & the criminal charges they could face.”