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Parents of Gabby Petito Release a Selfie Displaying Their Daughter’s Bruised Face Before Traffic Stop

The picture was shared by lawyers for Gabby’s family, who are building a lawsuit against police in Moab, Utah. The suit alleges police failed to deal with the incident properly



A Selfie Captured by the Late Blogger Gabby Petito Displays Her Bruised Face Prior to Police Arrival in Response to a 911 Call Reporting an Attack by Her Boyfriend Brian Laundrie.

The Image was Disclosed by Attorneys Representing Gabby’s Family, Who are Constructing a Legal Case Against Police in Moab, Utah.

“Gabby, Age 22, Was Strangled by Laundrie in Wyoming During a Summer Road Trip in 2021.”

The timestamp on the selfie reveals that it was taken on August 12, 2021, at 4:37 p.m. local time.

After a few minutes had passed, a witness dialled 911 and reported that they had just witnessed Laundrie assault Gabby in a parking lot in Moab.

Gabby is crying and has a crimson bruise around her eye. She also has tears in her eyes.

The lawyers for her family assert that the cops who attended to the incident did not take her injuries seriously.

They claim that the inability of the police to take appropriate precautions to protect Gabby was a contributing factor in her death later that month.

In a $50 million wrongful death lawsuit, Gabby’s family accuses the Moab Police Department of handling the 911 call improperly after a witness allegedly saw Laundrie assaulting Gabby and attempting to take her phone just weeks before she passed away.

The department, two officers who came to the scene, and two former leaders are all named in the lawsuit.

Brian Stewart, from the law firm of Parker & McConkie, criticized the Moab police for their handling of an incident involving Gabby.

He claimed that the police failed to listen to Gabby, investigate her injuries and assault, and adhere to their own policies and Utah law.

Bodycam footage showed Gabby telling officers that she was attacked by Laundrie, but the police did not pursue the matter further after Gabby said she struck Laundrie first.

Utah law defines any attempt to cover a victim’s mouth or nose as strangulation and should be treated as aggravated assault, but the officers treated the incident as disorderly conduct.

Laundrie committed suicide a month after Gabby’s body was found. The families reached a $3 million settlement in the Petito family’s wrongful death lawsuit against Laundrie’s estate.

A lawsuit against Laundrie’s parents was filed by Gabby’s family, accusing the couple of knowing their son murdered Gabby and covering it up, and accusing Laundrie’s lawyer of knowing about the death.

A statement issued by Laundrie’s lawyer on behalf of his parents was criticized as outrageous. Laundrie’s remains were found with a confession and a revolver.