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Maison DesChamps taken into custody after scaling former Chase tower in Phoenix

Rescue efforts underway as a man is climbing up Chase Tower in downtown Phoenix.



During Super Bowl week, a protester climbed the former Chase tower without any protective equipment or ropes and was apprehended by law enforcement upon reaching the top.

“Pro-Life Spiderman”, 23-year-old Maison DesChamps, ascended the 40-story building, one of the city’s tallest, in a climb.

DesChamps started climbing the building shortly before 10 a.m. Mountain Standard Time and completed the climb before 11 a.m. on February 7th.

DesChamps, who was live-streaming the climb on his cell phone, claims that he did it to bring attention and raise funds for an anti-abortion charity.

As can be observed, DesChamps was well-prepared for the climb, with climbing shoes and chalk on his hands. He also took breaks at each level of the building before finally reaching the top.

DesChamps was apprehended by Phoenix police officers waiting at the top of the building. He will be charged with trespassing and creating a criminal nuisance, according to the police.

During the incident, the section of Central Avenue between Monroe and Adams streets was closed.

The onlookers continued to increase in number throughout the morning as they watched the live video of DesChamps climbing, streamed from the downtown area.

“Considering it’s Super Bowl week, we decided to come over and see for ourselves, and we are shocked to find a man scaling such a tall building at the moment,” said an onlooker.

Phoenix fire department officials, who were present at the scene, expressed that DesChamps’ action was dangerous and put himself and others at risk.

Captain Todd Keller stated, “This is extremely dangerous. There are numerous locations across the Valley where you can engage in climbing in a controlled setting, but this is an uncontrolled environment. This is not an appropriate way to do it.”