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14-year-old Adriana Olivia Kuch of Central Regional High School commits suicide after being bullied

Visiting hours for relatives and friends will be Friday, Feb. 10th, from 5pm to 7pm at the Mastapeter Memorial Home, 270 Atlantic city Blvd., Bayville.



A freshman at Central Regional High School, aged 14, took their own life following bullying incidents. Despite community calls for justice, the school is declining to accept responsibility.

Adriana O. Kuch, a 14-year-old resident of Bayville, passed away on February 3, 2023. Adriana was born in Toledo, Ohio and lived in multiple locations due to her father’s service as an Army Airborne soldier. The family settled in Bayville seven years ago. As a freshman at Central Regional High School, Adriana was an animal lover, volunteered to help children with special needs, and had a passion for jogging with her brothers. She also cherished nature, enjoyed walks in the woods, skateboarding, riding dune buggies and dirt bikes.

Adriana was preceded in death by her mother, Brandy. She leaves behind her devoted parents, Michael Sr. and Sarah Kuch, and her cherished siblings, Ashley Kuch, Brittany Kuch, Brandon Tucker, Michael Kuch Jr. and Jennifer Ferro, Jacob Kuch, Ethan Kuch, Marissa Lynch and Haiden Lynch.

Jennifer Ferro share the story in her Facebook post.

She wrote, “Two days before Adriana left us four girls had planned to jump my sister at her high-school. Ayona, Keyanna (KeKe), Amira, and another girl who we believe is Jasmine were the ones who planned the assault. Many students from Central Regional High School have seen the “fight video” where Amira was beating my sister with a water bottle so hard that the bottle broke open. Now before I continue I want to make it clear that I will not be posting this video on here. But I will describe it for the ones who haven’t seen it, and the ones who have seen it but only recognize it as a regular “fight video.” However, that isn’t the case so please listen to the truth. In the video you could see my little sister just having a normal day, she wasn’t being rude or provoking anyone it was just her and her boyfriend walking in the hallway. In the video you can hear all the girls laughing and how they all planned this awful attack. Two girls were recording (Ayona and the other girl, who we think is Jasmine) while the other two (Amira and KeKe) decided to abuse my sister. Luckily Adriana’s boyfriend was there to help break up the fight because she could’ve been injured so much worse. Amira was hitting Adriana with a water bottle so hard that the cap broke off, not only that but she was also throwing punches, kicking my sister, and would not let go of her until FINALLY ONE staff member got the girl off of Adriana. Students have informed me how the staff at central took their time to even go up to them to break up the fight. Besides that multiple students have informed me how these girls are notorious for bullying other students. Not only was Amira the one hurting my sister but also KeKe (she was the heavier girl in the video). Keke was pretending to help break up the fight but instead was recording my sister getting abused and also snuck in some punches while Adriana’s boyfriend was focused on getting Amira to let go of my sister. Ayona and the other girl were laughing and recording my sister since Ayona “just got off of homebound.” The school tried to make the attack seem way less horrific than it already is. They were standing up for KeKe and lied to my father-in-law saying she was breaking up the fight when you can clearly see her hurting and recording my sister.