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16-year-old Stella Berry dies after suspected shark attack in Swan River, North Fremantle

Police are still piecing together what happened but say she was riding with friends on jet skis before the attack.



Photo credit: 9News

A 16-year-old Perth girl has been attacked by a shark in the Swan River in North Fremantle.

She was rescued from the sea with injuries that were life threatening, but unfortunately, there was nothing that could be done to save her life.

At approximately 3.30 in the afternoon, emergency medical services were dispatched to the area of the river close to the Fremantle traffic bridge in an effort to save the life of a woman who was said to have received serious leg injuries.

She had been out on the water with some pals riding jet skis before the attack, according to the police, who are currently investigating the incident.

“What we’re being advised is that she was with friends on the river, they were on jet skis and possibly a pod of dolphins were seen nearby and the young female jumped in to swim nearby the dolphins,” WA police said.

People in the neighbourhood have been warned not to go near the ocean since a shark warning has been issued for the vicinity.

We were told by the locals that this particular section of the river is a popular swimming spot.