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False Alarm Prompts lockdown at Parrish Community High School

Deputies are on scene as a precaution and the school is resuming normal operations.



There is currently NO active threat at Parrish Community High School.

Information has been circulating that there is a threat.

Due to a misunderstanding, an alarm was activated at 10:30 a.m. which lead to some degree of panic.

Deputies are on scene as a precaution and the school is resuming normal operations.

Parrish Community High School issued the following statement:

At 2:15 our lockdown system was inadvertently activated. Administration and law enforcement responded quickly and determined that this was a false alarm. We thank our staff and students for their quick response.

We would like to take a moment to explain to you a series of events that took place yesterday and today. First, our campus is safe and students are back in class.

Yesterday’s and today’s lockdowns were both the result of medical emergencies which took place in classrooms. Our school uses a system in which a lockdown was inadvertently activated instead of a medical emergency.

In addition to the medical emergencies, and with an abundance of caution, our students were placed in a “shelter-in-place” status this morning while we worked with law enforcement to investigate an anonymous and vague threat, which was subsequently cleared by law enforcement.

Some students chose to leave campus during and after the lockdown. Please check in with your child and contact the school if you have any concerns.

As you know, rumors and panic can create chaotic responses. Both yesterday and today, rumors about what was taking place added to the confusion on and off our campus. as well as social media. If you or your student has specific information regarding the safety of our school, please contact our administration directly. We will continue to communicate the facts of what is taking place at PCHS to our parents as necessary.